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  • Why do you LOVE Konga?

    Hi Guys, Why i love Konga? Simple! They listen. They always look for new, innovative ways to make my li...
    3 years ago
  • 2015 Highlights

    What were your highlights 2015 on the Konga?...
    3 years ago


  • How do I get URL for my konga store?

    How do I get the URL for my konga store in order to be able to advertise it through other social media?...
    4 years ago
  • V. A. T

    Can i get more insight on VAT how it's being charged, and how it's being calculated. thanks ...
    3 years ago

    pls how do I go about updating my inventory level for items put up before Jan 1, 2015...
    3 years ago
  • Follow Topic/Discussion option

    Hello MODs, I have a suggestion, this has nothing to do with sales but it is more of a technical thingy. I wo...
    3 years ago
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Eucharia O

Mar 6, 2015


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