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  • What is advantages of pause over sold out

    Currently, i have sold out 3 of my items. when i checked sold item, i saw 3 options, delete, edit and pause. i...
    3 years ago
  • who will issue receipt

    I supplied a client with item ordered by pay on delivery. When I got there, he asked of receipt. My question: ...
    3 years ago
  • shoe Uk size issues

    I tried to display some shoes I have in store. They were rejected because I didn't state them in UK sizes. Tho...
    3 years ago
  • 1001 items

    i want to create an item now and discovered that 1001 item is added to my category, meanwhile i didn't get any...
    3 years ago
  • Error invoice sent to me

    I got an invoice few minutes ago with number #6361453476788. i was asked to pay #22,000 by 22/01/16 (which is ...
    3 years ago
  • Account closed due to Fraudulent am innocents of

    Help me re-open my merchant account, Am innocent to the said offence. My story as a Konga seller and about th...
    3 years ago


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