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  • K-express and a need to step up

    I would like to commend the fact that there is finally a community where we can discuss issues we are having. ...
    3 years ago
  • Issues with sizing on Konga

    I would like to suggest that Konga allows the EU sizes for shoes as this is what Nigerians are familiar with. ...
    3 years ago
  • New Return Process

    Several times, I have praised Konga for their communication process but today I have been let down. Apparently...
    3 years ago
  • Multiple Creations of One Product

    Hi there, I updated the stock of some of my products recently and noticed that the site created multiple v...
    3 years ago
  • Being Forced Unto KongaPay

    Dear Konga, I just received text message forcing me to use KongaPay. As I have stated before and will con...
    2 years ago
Horlah D

Mar 8, 2015


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