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  • Paying my Commission

    When do I pay for commission on successful sales to konga....
    3 years ago
  • Rejected Products

    I have effected correction made on my rejected products on preview listing, however my products are yet to be ...
    3 years ago
  • Returned order

    I wish to bring to your notice the need to inform buyers on proper handling of rejected orders. There is need ...
    3 years ago
  • Fund stucked up in Escrow for 1 month

    My proceeds from my sales has been stucked up in the Escrow for one month now. ...
    3 years ago


  • products verification

    I sent my products to verifyproducts@konga.com almost a week ago but am still yet to receive an update even I ...
    3 years ago
Paschalene U

Aug 21, 2015


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