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  • To improve Konga

    Konga needs to address a lot of issues before introducing any fees. 1. Customers are not contacted for alot o...
    3 years ago
  • What does it take to be a verified premium seller.

    Hello Konga and other sellers. Please what does it take to become a verified premium seller and have the badg...
    3 years ago
  • Loving Konga Right Now

    Who else is loving konga right now, I am seriously loving them, things are a lot more better. i also love the ...
    3 years ago
  • New SHQ

    konga team lovely work with the new shq, however i think some more things needs to be done. eg we need to know...
    3 years ago
  • makari products

    Hello Konga, Please why is konga not taking makari products, i tried adding new items and i got a mail saying...
    2 years ago
  • cant withdraw from my wallet, WHY pls

    I have sent several mails to konga mall and i got no reply. reason i cam here. cos i realised when matters are...
    2 years ago
  • shq not responding

    please what is wrong? any time i click on the order link on my shq it takes me to this https://shq.konga.com/s...
    1 year ago
  • Updating Order

    Hello Konga, Please is there anything wrong with the app for updating orders in KOS office? I sent out order...
    1 year ago
  • 24hrs shipping wont work

    konga 24hrs shipping wont work for us merchant who are not on self fullfill. please i beg you to temper all th...
    1 year ago
  • Packaging materials and High returns

    Please who is in this with me? I believe we need to plead with konga that since they have refused to remove t...
    1 year ago
  • Rats in KOS offices and Trucks

    Hello Konga, Seriously i have being suffering in silence on this but i believe it is high time i speak out. K...
    1 year ago
  • Konga mall still working?

    Please is the email mall@konga.com still working cos no one seems to be working there as no one replies mails....
    1 year ago


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