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  • Zero Rejections & Quick Approval? Here Are Few Tips To Follow

    General Discussion Created 3 months ago | Updated 3 months ago
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    Anne U Konga Moderator
    Dear Seller,
    Did you know that it is possible to have your products approved within 24-48 hours after Listing? Simply apply these helpful tips:
    1.Product Titles
    Your product title should be readable and kept short and simple. Please do not include commas, full stops, and brackets in the product title. Product details should be separated using hyphens.
    When naming products, please do NOT write the brand of the item in the product title. The brand should be written in the brand attribute/option ONLY.
    Example: (Tecno in brand attribute only) Product title: K7 Dual Sim - 16GB ROM - 1GB RAM - 5.5" - Red
    Kindly Note: Product names should come with the first letters (only) of every word in capital
    Example: Round Wall Clock not ROUND WALL CLOCK, except for cases where abbreviations are used. For example: RAM, ROM, CD & GB
    2. Product Images and Background
    Please ensure the quality of your images are of good quality, are 500pxX500px and less than 100KB in size, and are snapped professionally, and on clear backgrounds.
    3. Product Description
    Kindly ensure the details provided in this area are grammatically correct and sufficient to help customers make buying decisions - Here, one-line descriptions are not encouraged. 
    The details provided should also be written in normal sentence casing and not in all capital or small letters.
    4. Short Description
    Please do not copy and paste your lengthy product description in the "Short Description" box. The details required here are brief, hence the "Features in Bullets" Hint when trying to create. For instance:
    Colour: Black
    Main Material: Leather
    Design Detail: Floral Print
    5. The Use of UK Sizes
    To ensure uniformity on the Konga platform, we adhere strictly to the use of UK size details for all fashion items. You are therefore required to select the appropriate UK sizes of the fashion items you list. However, the EU/US equivalent of your items can be written in the product description.
    6. Stating Measurements, Volumes and Sets/Number of Pieces
    Where more than 1 item or a set/pack of items is being sold, it is important to state this detail in the product title. 
    Toothbrush Set - 12 Pieces
    Sans Cream Soda - Pack of 12 - 100ml Each OR  Sans Cream Soda - 100ml x 12
    Items such as bags, mattresses, playmats, furniture, curtains, frames, carpets/rugs, and floor lamps should have their dimensions stated.
    Apply the details above when creating your products, and priority will be given to them!
    If you require help with the right category paths for your products or other listing related issues, kindly start a conversation here, or send a mail to rejectedlistings@konga.com and a member of our team will be glad to help.
    Best Regards,
    Konga Mall Team.

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