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  • why Listing update every month?

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • OO
    Oluwatoyin O S
    I just want to include that it is kind of unnecessary for sellers to be updating every stock every month. I think it is too time consuming especially when you have a lot of items. I presume the seller platform does auto deductions as items are bought. May be every three months is good but every month will be too boring and tiresome. I just finished for my store and it took my whole day at work. Kindly consider our busy schedules. Thanks


  • IO
    Iheoma O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    This is so true. I suspect that konga has forgotten that many of us have other jobs and therefore this is time consuming for those of us that already pay attention to our stock levels. 
    It is something to revisit rather than have a "one size fits all" solution to the problem. 
    My two pennies worth...
  • Bret E Konga Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago
    Very simple...because many sellers forget to take down products for which they don't have stock anymore.
    We did an analysis and found that the majority of cancelled transactions were because the seller did not have stock and this was because they simply forgot to update quantities.
    This was damaging the Konga market for everyone - buyers and sellers.
    Making sellers list every month forces you to filter what you actually have to sell. Its minimal effort to own a shop.

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