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  • Why is Konga deceiving Buyers and causing sellers return of their items?

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • OO
    Oludotun O B
    As we all know that the effect of the self fulfill is that buyers now have to pay for shipping from individual stores they buy from; even if the items were chosen in a single order. It it for this reason that I try as much as possible to ask buyers that order for my items if there are any other items in their order and then go on to explain to them that they are paying for shipping of my item to them. To my surprise, majority of them claim not to be aware of this fact that they have to pay for shipping separately. I especially noticed this with the two last orders that were placed. I called the customer and informed her that she was paying for shipping of my item; she claimed not to know. I decided to enquire on the orders items she has on the order and found out that she was not informed that she has to pay separately for shipping. The last word she gave was that "If any other person calls me and tells me I have to pay for shipping, I will just cancel all the order".
    Now, my issue is
    Why is konga setting we the sellers on hedge with the buyers? Why not inform them that they have to pay separately for shipping the items in their order and make the choice of either going on with the order or not.
    Konga should spare us all the long explanations we'll have to to making with our buyer and inform them firsthand that they are payment for shipping separately (that's the choice they av made and have reduced sales)
    Meanwhile, this particular issue caused me a lot of returned order immediately self fulfill started.
    Is anyone experiencing what I am experiencing?


  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Oludotun,
    Konga has carried out series of campaigns since the launch of self fulfill notifying buyers on the new marketplace opportunities- giving them access to shop from different sellers simultaneously. Buyers are also notified of the various shipping charges at the point of checkout. If a buyer has purchased items from different sellers, the shipping fee for each seller is visible at the point of checkout and this is included in the total cost a buyer has to pay. A buyer can then choose to proceed and  "confirm checkout" or cancel the order if these charges are satisfactory. 
    I have attached a screen shot of a sample checkout page of a buyer who has purchased from various sellers. We have also created various awareness on Konga- via emails and homepage, sensitizing our buyers on the latest changes on Konga. You can read more about these changes here- http://www.konga.com/self-fulfill
    Konga.com boasts of thousands of sellers with competitive prices and offers and we have shared this information with our buyers. And with the launch of self-fulfil, sellers are responsible for setting their prices and shipping charges to attract buyers. You can consider offering free shipping in certain states where you have higher purchases. 

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