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  • Why is K-express frustrating Merchants Efforts

    Shipping and Delivery Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • MU
    Micheal U S
    I still wonder why Konga is not doing anything about their delivery since, more delivered items means more money for Konga.....  This K-express guys should all be sacked as they have sworn to frustrate merchants efforts of completing a sale.....  As a new seller on konga am highly discouraged to continue doing business on konga......  I started barely 2months ago and I have shipped over 20 orders with just 1 single order delivered.....  When i get an order I quickly call the customer to confirm and I always ship orders same day I get them.....  But K_express will not take them out of the Festac drop off location until some days....  I don't know if this is Peculiar to this Festac K_express or that's how they operate elsewhere.....  Am based in Lagos and I thot Lagos orders shudnt take more than 3days to deliver....  All my Lagos orders was not taking out of Festac until after 5days of being shipped and the customers personally call me to let me know they will reject it bcos of the delay.....  Out of 20 something orders just 1 delivered...  This very poor and highly discouraging for a new seller.....  I guess I will need to look elsewhere for this online business thing..... 


  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello all,
    To encourage fast and personalized delivery service to your customers, you may also consider using K-Network for deliveries.
    What is K-Network?
    K-Network is a group of 3rd party logistics companies in partnership with Konga. K-Network services are available to ONLY Lagos Merchants.
    Please click here to find out more http://community.konga.com/thread/you-need-a-partner-lets-hook-you-up-today
  • AM
    Aminu M S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I'm sorry about your experience. I ship through k-express Ajao at Osolo way Isolo. my  Lagos orders get delivered within 48hours or 72hrs. Even orders outside Lagos doesn't exceed 4 days unless the buyer reschedule the delivery. if you are closer to Isolo you could try shipping through them while konga work on the service centre
  • PO
    Philip O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Am less than 2 weeks old on konga , Am frustrated by K-Express I don't think I'll use it again,I hope the customer does not rate me too poorly. Even the commission was outrageous am starting to have a rethink of this mall. So sad,Please Konga should review their logistics and commission.
  • MW
    Miriam W B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I started selling less than two months too and have given up on k-express. My new strategy is to tell the customer's that their item will be shipped out same day but it will get to them within 5-10days. If they accept I will send out then I'll keep tracking and sending mail to konga mall for those over staying at drop off centres, that way I reduce the pressure, stress and returned items. Happy selling.
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Michael,
     Apologises for  any inconvenience  this might have caused your business.
    we appreciate all concerns raised will continue taking steps towards working out and improving our existing services.
    If you have any pending shipment please send an email  to mall@konga.com for a swift resolution.
    We encourage you to consider self fulfillment, especially when customers request urgent delivery, also for orders in same state you can choose to deliver your orders personally or ship via any other 3rd party logistic service.
    Please be assured, your feedback has been forwarded to K-express team.

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