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  • Which section and subsection do I list these items?

    Selling on Konga Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • Adegboyega A Adegboyega A B
    This thread will take care of problems relating with merchants not knowing where to list specific items?


  • Adegboyega A B
    Posted 4 years ago
    @ Bola, you can ask for guide on where to list items here. I believe moderators and other other sellers can always hep until Konga provide a better alternative 
  • Bola A S
    Posted 4 years ago
    How will this thread take care of this problem?  I am unclear.  Kindly clarify.  Thanks!
  • FO
    Fikayo O S
    Posted 4 years ago
    Thanks for this.
  • AO
    Amaka O Konga Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello Adegboyega,
    Our Seller support team is always willing to help you with listing your products in the right category. If you are unsure, you can email mall@konga.com to ask what the right category is. 
    Also, we are working on including a feature in Sell an Item on SellerHQ where you can suggest a category to us, if you feel that the right category for your product is missing from the list.
    Any specific items you're unsure about where to list at the moment?
  • MP
    MKO P S
    Posted 4 years ago
    Thank you for this Adegboyega. As sellers the category we list our items is VERY IMPORTANT. One of the reasons why items dont get visibility is because they are in the wrong category.

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