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  • Where is my 2000 naira discount

    Trust & Safety Created 2 years ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • kI
    kingsley N. I B
    i  just made an order (worth ₦47547.50) using konga app for the first time but i didnt get the so called advertised discount, is the advert a scam or what? i need my 2000 naira please! Order number is F732674397001


  • AA
    Adeloye A B
    Posted 1 year ago
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  • MO
    Murphy O B
    Posted 2 years ago
    Dear Kingsley, 
    Please send order number, date and value of order to mall@konga.com. 
    We will look into the issue, Konga does not, and will never scam no one. 
    Thank you. 

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