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  • When are we expecting the Upgrade? Today is 31 March 2015.

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • EZ
    Emmanuel Z S
    I expected to wake up and find a new SELLER HQ Platform with all the modifications and self fulfilment options available. as marketed by Konga. Disappointedly, it seems, one will have to suffer longer than expected. I am quite particular about this upgrade as I cannot wait to ditch this K-Express Service. It is the worst courier service ever. 
    I will not talk about previous encounters as they might be much, but as I write this, I currently have two items from my store that have been dropped off in the Bode thomas, surulere center and shipped since thursday last week to K-Express, and there have been no movement at all whatsoever till date. The most annoying part is that the delivery is within lagos and it has taken days.  As a matter of fact I also shipped out my merchandise the same day from the US to Nigeria using Fed-Ex Express International, and the items are already in Nigeria, cleared customs this morning, and enroute to deliver to me. 
    That keeps me wondering, since when did shipping from the US to Nigeria become faster than Shipping from Surulere to Surulere? Konga stresses that sellers accept and drop off items in 48hours. I have always as a seller accepted and dropped off orders within 12hours Max (Assuming the others were placed in the night), just to make sure items get to customers on time. 
    It's very sad to go that fast only to see K-Express keeping items with them for weeks and then finally returning it because the customer perhaps has waited for ages and looked elsewhere. This is not business at all, and thats why I am asking, KONGA, WHEN SHOULD WE EXPECT THE UPGRAGE OF SELF FULFILMENT? 


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