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  • What You Should Know About The Soon To-Be Introduced Membership Fees

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    teju F Konga Moderator
    Dear sellers,
    We have heard your feedback and suggestions on the monthly membership fees which will take effect on July 31 2015.
    What You Should Know:
     1) We have discovered that successful online companies across Africa and other continents are continually able to provide premium quality services as a result of monthly commitment fees from sellers.This is outside the commission charges off each sale. We also aim to achieve this feat, while introducing premium and sustainable services to committed sellers, thereby focusing on quality against quantity. 
    2)  K-express currently offers very subsidized shipping fees, which is the most affordable in Nigeria, and while we hope to offer these affordable charges for a long while, this may not be sustainable for too long considering the volume of orders shipped through K-Express daily.   
    3) We firmly believe that Konga's committed and disciplined sellers should ​be prepared to ​pay a minimum investment to trade as this form of payment commitment will filter less serious sellers away from the platform​.
    ​​4) Non-serious sellers on the platform are classified as sellers that do not fulfill orders and have a cancellation and non-shipment rate of 70-95% and also sellers who list items for fraudulent purposes. This is currently very prevalent on the marketplace and has led to various legal issues and we intend to firmly combat such issues with various proven strategies that will work. ​
    ​​As we introduce these new fees, we are also implementing positive changes to ensure sales transactions that are made to each seller's storefront is genuine. And to achieve this:
    1​) ​Konga will be giving a part of its ​already low commissions to buyers who agree to Prepay and not use PoD​​ ​as a discount for their orders placed.​​ ​This will cost sellers nothing​​ but ​ ​rather impact your stores positively as it will mean​​ a huge drop in returns. 
    2) ​​​​Returned sellers merchandise will now come with a guarantee that if you don't have your goods back within 45 days, you will get ​the cash value of the item. 
    ​For more information on the steps we have taken to discourage less serious purchases, please read ​http://community.konga.com/thread/introducing-the-customer-modeling-programme-to-encourage-serious-purchases
    W​e are​ continually ​looking into other measures to​ make the marketplace a trusted and sustainable trading platform and we request your cooperation as our business partner into making this a reality. We welcome further constructive suggestions via suggestions@konga.com. 
    Thank you.

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