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  • What is the exact amount konga charges for commision

    General Discussion Created 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • morzook b morzook b S
    i have a product under the health and beauty category and it costs 4999. the category attracts a 12% commission (i stand to be corrected) and my elementary maths says that 12% of 4999 is 599.88 (my mathematics is rusty. i still stand to be corrected) 
    why am i being paid ₦4,199.16 for every delivered order? has their been a recent update on commission fees?
    i am being charged ₦799.84 (16%) as commission after buying packaging materials and paying to print invoice. is this not greed? 


  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 1 year ago
    Hello Morzook,
    For issues such as this, we encourage you to always send an email to mall@konga.com for a faster resolution. You are charged 16% if you are on  bronze plan subscription while 12% commission charge applies to silver plan subscription.
    Kindly reconfirm your current subscription plan.
    Thank you.
  • morzook b S
    Posted 1 year ago
    and i just realised its been occurring for months without me noticing. 

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