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  • What is been done to reduce delayed deliveries with KEX??

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • A
    Atinuke S
    Before anyone decides to take down this post, please note that I am simply asking a question and would appreciate a sincere answer. 
    With all the changes increase commission, new order life cycle, store suspension etc. what is Konga currently doing to reduce delayed deliveries with KEX as we merchants continue to see a lot of returns due to this issue.
    Please don't let us sweep this issue under the rug again I would appreciate a sincere answer.
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  • IO
    Ifeoma O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Haba!!! 15 days to deliver an item and still not delivered yet? Not good at all.
  • DD
    Dolapo D S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Atinuke,
    KEX is working on increasing their fleet size to handle the volume of orders being received. They are also working on partnering with reputable franchises to work with.
    Deliveries will get faster as these are put in place.
  • A
    Atinuke S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Why does this order have to stall in Abuja for days?? Arrived Abuja on the 4th, left Abuja on the 6th and then left Abuja again on the 15th... Again this is not a complain but am seeking answers so as to better understand what is been done to correct issues like this..

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