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  • What disciplinary action will be served to sellers who copy pictures of bundled products that has been paid for to have them made.

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • DO
    Dupe O S
    Having followed through with the advice to bundle products, an expert was employed and paid to help to bundle products and a complacent seller on this same platform trading similar items simply copies the pictures and uploads on the same konga website. 
    Kindly advice on what disciplinary action that will be served to such sellers?
    We are aware that some pictures are available on the Internet to copy from freely.
    In this instance, can we watermark the bundled product to reflect the store name on the pictures. This is the easy method to refrain people from copying pictures that needs permission or is not open freely to be used on other websites or publications.


  • DO
    Dupe O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Thanks. Did as advised. 
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Dupe,
    You will be required to send a formal complaint to trustandsafety@konga.com, we will carry out necessary action after a thorough investigation.
    Also note, Pictures with watermarks are not allowed so it does not disrupt the overall aesthetics of the website, also watermarks can hinder buyers from seeing the product properly.

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