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  • Update on Our 48 Hours Shipment Deadline

    General Discussion Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
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    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Did you know that one of the key reasons for cancellations carried out by buyers ​was due to late​ ​​shipment​ of orders ​that exceeded​ 24​-36 hours?​ 
    Both buyer and seller cancellations have a negative impact on sales and eventually affect customers’ loyalty to Konga brand.  As such, it is very important that we join hands to reduce cancellations that occur due to late shipment or non-shipment of orders.
    As previously communicated, 
    1. New orders must be shipped within 48 hours to reduce the risk of buyer cancellation and prevent auto-cancellation. 
    2. Orders not shipped within 48 hours will be auto-cancelled and a N599 charge will apply on each auto-cancelled order.
    3. Buyers are able to cancel orders still in ‘new’ status if not shipped within 48 hours.
    4. Refund will be issued to buyers when ​prepaid ​orders are automatically cancelled within 48 hours.
    5. There will be a N599 charge on every order you allow the system to auto-cancel due to non-shipment.
    6. Self-fulfilled orders that have been shipped but not marked as delivered in 14 days will be marked to ‘auto-delivered’ after 14 days​ and commission charges will still apply to such orders.
    We encourage you to ship out ​orders ​to your buyers​ or KOS on time to reduce buyer cancellations and prevent auto-cancellation alongside its charge.
    For more information, you can reach us on 01-4605555 and 0809 460 5555 or email us at mall@konga.com. 
    Kind Regards, 
    Your Konga Mall Team

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