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  • Update on Changes to the New SellerHQ

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    Dear Sellers,
    First, we would like to thank you for accepting the changes made to the SellerHQ so far. We have taken note of all your concerns, suggestions and feedback. To ensure you are kept informed, here's a summary of all changes we've made to the platform:
    - Pay-On-Delivery service encourages and drives e-commerce nationwide. Based on feedback and sales performance received from buyers since the launch of Self-Fulfil, it is quite glaring that Nigerian buyers still prefer POD, and the absence of this option discourages them from shopping online. Therefore, we have now eliminated the “Pay On Delivery” checkbox in SellerHQ. You are required as a seller to offer POD across all Nigerian states. If you do not wish to offer POD in some cities and states, you have the option of removing that city/state from your Delivery Settings.
    - We will be more flexible on our Cancellation Rates.To accommodate the recent developments on SellerHQ and the recently-resolved technological issues you may have experienced at our K-Express locations, the quality of service guidelines will remain flexible until further notice to ensure high cancellation rates does not affect your store rating. However, we will continually monitor all store activities to ensure the quality of service remains stellar and that buyers are satisfied.
    - You can STILL use K-Express. Konga Express remains our partner towards ensuring seamless deliveries to every city in Nigeria. We implore you to bear with them as they continually seek out new methods and models to provide the best service. K-Express will continue to offer Pay on Delivery services without collecting payment upfront until further notice and will also continue to deliver nationwide. We've also revised the rates to ensure that they are affordable.
    - Use of Packaging Materials. Orders shipped through K-Express will have complimentary packaging materials until further notice. When shipping through other couriers, you will be required to buy packaging materials from other sources or from our service providers. To purchase packaging material, kindly send an e-mail to sellerservices@konga.com. 
    - Increase your product assortment. Due to the new shipping rates, customers can save on shipping if they purchase all their similar needs from one store. Therefore you should consider increasing your assortment and carrying a full range of your products. For instance, if you sell Fashion items, you can consider selling a complete female set of clothing such as shoe, bags, jewelry and clothes. This will potentially increase your sales and encourage repeat purchases.
    Keep the suggestions coming! We have taken note of all your requested features, one of which is enabling merchants set minimum order thresholds to offer free shipping. We appreciate all feedback provided and we are looking into the implementation. As usual, feedback should remain constructive as we consider you our key partner towards building the largest online mall in Nigeria.  

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