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  • Unserious buyers

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • CI
    Chioma I B
    please konga is there a way we can check a buyer's profile maybe through his/her email or phone number? ive had so many encounters where i confirm order, ship it only for the buyer to refuse delivery or would pick calls for many days etc
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  • OM
    Olawunmi M S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Konga will have to act swiftly on the issue of these unserious buyers as they are quick to use the long stick of store suspension on sellers for unfulfilled orders. Konga should know they need the sellers as much as they need the buyers. The two are very important.
    I had an experience last week when a buyer place an order for a clutch bag, the bag was delivered to her on time but she rejected. When i contacted her she said the bag did not match the shoe she wants to use it with( what an excuse). If she had prepaid i am sure she would not return for such a flimsy excuse.
    Konga please wake up.
  • Oluwapelumi O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I feel you, Atinuke. 
    1. I hate POD. I hope this is addressed at the sellers forum, it should be optional for sellers. 
    2. And there SHOULD be a penalty for returns. It's called a restocking fee and of course it covers the cost of the getting the product to the shipping center in the first place, picking it back up, delay of returns, and relisting. This would deter unserious buyers. 
    3. Konga is also making huge losses from these rejections. Logistics costs, processing costs, waste of paper to print pro-forma invoices, packaging, loss of commission etc. You really should end POD.
    Anyway from the returns policy published on this page: http://www.konga.com/help/cancellations-returns
    _____Sold by Konga________
    "Note: A customer can only return a non-defective item if he/she is requesting an exchange. Items sold in a clearance sale are final and are not eligible for return."
    -I wonder if this is enforced by konga? 
    -why is it not applicable to items sold by market place sellers?
    -Does an item rejected on delivery truly qualify as a return?
    ___Sold by Marketplace Seller____
    The return policy for products sold by Marketplace Sellers can vary depending on the Seller, in some cases, Sellers may choose not to offer a return policy.
    You can identify which returns policy a seller is offering for a particular product by checking the icons on the Product Information page. A Seller can specify a return period of 7, 14, or 30 days. For more information on icons, click here.
    Before returning a product, always contact the Seller to discuss your claim. During the returns period, items can be returned, exchanged, and refunds can be issued depending on your agreement with the Seller. If you have questions about a Seller’s return policy, if in any doubt, be sure to contact the Seller before making your purchase.
    The buyers should be made to agree to the terms on the order page before they confirm order.
    I want to be able to set my terms.
    like with every listing, I want to add my terms. Something like this:
    > Minimum order amount from my store= N10,000 (some orders are not worth the trip to the shipping center. (seriously)
    >Payment terms: Konga wallet only. (and any other way full payment is possible)
    >Restocking fee of 20% on non-defective returns.
    >Contact me before ordering if you are not certain about sizing (most frequent reason for return)
    I should be able to cancel an order and have it not affect my delivery %. Or give me the choice to "accept order"
    Konga needs an upgrade.
    and yes i'm sending this as an email too -_-
  • DA
    Dorcas A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    My question is, is there away a buyer can transfer money from their bank accout to their wallet on konga?
    If its possible, that way the issue of using a stolen credit card will be out of the way.
    All what we want is that a buyer should commit themselves atleast some percentage of what they wanted to buy say like 10% .
    There was a buyer that ordered a shoe from my store from port harcourt. i tried calling her no, she was not picking.
    I had an order previously that automatically cancel before the scheduled day konga normally give, which the delay in shipping was because i coldnt get in touch with the buyer on time( I sent a mail concerning that to konga, they only acknowledge they receive the mail but didnt tell me why the order was cancelled). I had to ship because i dont want that to cancel because i received an email from konga to penalise my store as if it was my fault.
    Anyway,  i shipped the order and by the time i was able to get hold of the customer on phone , the order is already in portharcourt and she told me she is no longer interested but she will try it on(whatever that means).
     From what the buyer said, she actually order from multiple stores and she will now have to choose the one she prefer.
    If she was asked to pay some amount of money for each of the item,I am sure she would have make up her mind on what she want.
  • M
    Muyiwa S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I feel for Konga and the sellers. Konga despite asking for a portion of an amount to be retained may only give a little relief, in the interim...preventing unserious buyers.
    In marketing, the caveat of return is an icing for would be buyers if an item does not meet his or her expectation which is normally rare since most sellers work hard to deliver what has been promised.
    In many parts of the world inclusive off-line it is not common for the return rate to be as high as what Konga n merchants are experiencing.
    One problem that can be eliminated is that of dispatchers being ignored by buyers who actually ordered for item(s).
    Here is the solution, though it might not be palatable for Konga as demands would reduce.
    And that's is like many ecommerce sites beyond our shores. Buyers should pay at the point of ordering. If they won't feel safe with their credit/debit card. Let them go through the trouble of going to the bank and lodge in cash. And of course the return caveat should still be left open for any merchant that desires that option.
    Then such buyers would be the ones earnestly waiting to get a call from the hardworking dispatch personnel, who are really not excited about these elusive buyers.
    It is a our local attitudinal problem that these buyers don't just care about the pains the supplier n Konga go through.
    Lastly I must say, as insignificant this disappointment of returns might be at this early stage, it might be a major reason for sellers to drop...after counting their losses both in inventory and loss of other assets.
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello all,
    We thank you all for your feedback and raised concerns around challenges being faced due to unserious transactions,
    In addition to buyer profiling and KongaPay which are existing programmes on the platform, Please be assured that Konga is continually working towards providing a permanent solution that will ensure only serious sales transactions are made to your store.
    We sincerely appreciate your efforts so far. Thank you once again
  • to
    toyin o S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I have had 4 orders rejected from portharcourt this past week.
    This last one was the last straw. i am removing PH from my delivery options.
    i called the customer before shipping last week, during shipping to also confirm that the product is still on the way only to log into SHQ today september 2nd to see it rejected by customer on the konga express tracking.
    I called her and she claims that konga did not call for any delivery and she did not order any such product.
    i'm not sure what to believe, Konga's drivers not trying to deliver or she's just lying.
    Konga really needs to get some level of financial commitment from the buyers because shipping is not free and products that a legitimate customer would have purchased is now tied  down within the delivery sytstem.
  • DA
    Dorcas A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    @ Top Gamers M, are you for real? A Customer placed and order just to see an item because he has not seen it before.
    I sincerely hope Konga will do something to this cos is so frustrating
  • A
    Atinuke S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Sellers are made to believe something is done to these unserious buyer. Everytime i send an email to Konga about an unserious buyer all i get is an email saying your item is being returned, sorry for the experience, not confirmation of looking into the buyer profile or account, but if it is a seller we are quick to suspend store.
    Konga should look into getting a commitment from buyers for orders less than N45,000. Make them pre-pay a percentange before order is shipped and the rest can be POD. By asking them to commit to 10-20% of an order less than 45,000, we will know who is serious and who is not
  • TM
    Top Gamers M B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I dont know when Konga will step up to the challenge. I called a customer who purchased an item from my shop since Saturday this guy leaves about 2hrs to my shop then, he asked us to deliver item in person and upon getting there he said he hasnt seen the item before and he just wants to see it and so he rejected the item. I mean this is pure rubbish. If Konga will let them pay @least 20% of what buyers are ordering for we wouldn't be complaining. 
  • A
    Atinuke S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I came on this thread to start another topic on this matter. i am very very frustrated with these type of buyers at this point. A customer ordered an item from PH worth 30k, order was placed last Wednesday morning - July 8, we accepted and shipped out to the nearest KEX same day. I got an email today Monday - July 13th, that item is being returned due to rejected by buyer. So i called the buyer he didn't pick  up, sent him a message on Whats app, he ignored and later responded that yes, he rejected the item. i asked for a reason he continued to ignore then i said i was going to report him to Konga as i needed a valid reason why it was rejected. He was like well, i have a right to reject if order takes more than 2 weeks......i was like hello...when did you place your order? when did you receive it? i gave him the facts ....his order only took 5 days from Lagos to PH and yet he returned it. 
    Konga - something needs to be done on all orders, if this item was prepaid., will he return? if he was asked to prepay for this item i am sure he will change his mind. With the new process in place, items over 45K will be verified and prepaid by the customer, what about others below 45k? i think this process should be applicable to all orders, as hard as it seems. even if it is for 3 months, this will help send the message across to the buyer community, then it can be relaxed after a while. i am honestly about to put my store on vacation, this is just too frustrating. Consider customers with lower priced items that sell volume...i might have an item that sells for 1k but can sell 1000 units in a month versus. items that cost 45k and above that might only sell 1 or 2 in a month.

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