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  • Unexplained returns

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • NM
    Ngozi M S
    I have had returns that no explanation was given as to why they were returned. I was able to speak to one of the customers that returned her order and I was told that it was not delivered to her on time even though it was on record that I delivered the product to konga's warehouse within 24 hours.
    I think it is only fair that any order returned should also come with an explanation so as to help us sell better, whether it is the fault of konga or the fault of sellers. 


  • NM
    Ngozi M S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Thanks Opeyemi for those suggestions. I only hope Konga will act on it fast. It is really annoying thinking you made a sale and expecting to get paid, only for the product(s) to be returned without any explanation and even more annoying when you discover the fault was not even yours! I can not understand why konga will demand that merchants deliver orders within 24-48 hours without demanding the same from their various delivery channels. 
  • OO
    Opeyemi O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Ngozi, thank you for making this sound suggestion. I had exactly that in mind about the issue of Returns. I have some fragile products that have not yet been returned. And sometimes I just wonder: why would Konga keep merchant's item in a location for so long?
    Like I always say to my friends on Konga, there has to be a clear definition of processes:
    1. If kexpress wants to deliver an item, the merchant should be notified at real-time exactly when the delivery is taking place and the kexpress driver/rider should be able to reach the merchant and vice-versa.
    2. If a customer rejects an item, the merchant should know why it was rejected. It's very important in business. And Konga should be able to back-track if the kexpress driver/rider was unprofessional (because he/she is destroying the value-chain). HR can either re-train the staff or replace with more professional hands.
    3. If a return is in progress, Konga should create a simple option on SHQ:
    a. Pickup Return at Drop-Off Location
    b. Schedule Your Return Date & Time (e.g 3rd April, 2015 - All Morning)
    c. Pickup by Proxy: (Provide Mobile Number+Preferred Location). An SMS+Code+Date+Preferred Location would be sent to the mobile of the person who is picking up for the merchant).
    This simple procedure solves major problems between Merchants & Konga.
    This is my humble contribution.
    Merchants please add or subtract.
    Thank you.

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