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  • To improve Konga

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • HB
    Hauwau B S
    Konga needs to address a lot of issues before introducing any fees.
    1. Customers are not contacted for alot of deliveries done through KExpress. The drivers will update delivery status as "rescheduled by customer" or "rejected by customer" while in all honestly customers were not contacted. All these orders end up being returned to the seller. Train your drivers so they know the importance of successful deliveries
    2. The current POD process needs to be abolished, alot of sellers are hurting from POD as it encourages unserious buyer
    3. Real time tracking updates for orders that are shipped so customers are aware in advance when orders will be delivered. The current systems order are stuck in a place for 4-5 days with no updates.
    4. Allow free shipping at the product level....introduce another attribute during the product creation so the seller can elect shipping options ---free shipping etc
    5. Introduce "ship to state" attributes at the product level...this way a seller can manage the state they choose to ship an item to.
    6. Rejected orders should not be accepted at the point of delivery....let the buyer return item on their own..
    Again the current platform works well for buyers with the buyer protection promise, while sellers are feeling the pain. Konga without your sellers there wont be this much success.  You need your sellers as much as you need your buyers. Please start working on these improvements ASAP.
    {Copied and pasted from another seller in person of Atinuke cos it really says my mind and I want Konga team to reread and work earnestly on it.}


  • SL
    Stella L B
    Posted 3 years ago
    On point!
    My challenge in the last two months is getting back my goods.
    "Rejected by customer", "cancelled", after the goods have left.
    Where are the goods?

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