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  • Tire of receiving Rejected Items

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • OO
    Osaro O S
    I have passion for konga since some of my customers have adviced me to register to have a store here, having consider this from so many client, I decided to take a trial, Though I knew all technology is differents as am also a webdeveloper too so I understand the system differs, But The kind of heartbreak I have been going through is something else, I registered 2days ago and I decided to test run with some of my items after reading the guidelines for selling on the platform, I create 6 items, just to test run before I continue. But to my suprise I started receiving alert both sms and email that all my items were rejected, maybe I was wrong in my item listing by adding different colors and sizes, so I decided again to try another way round, I decided again to post only 1 item, with single color,size, waiting to see if its would be accepted or rejected, Just few minutes ago I receive another message that its has been rejected, Feel dissappointed and my mind toward having store here was droppping off, so I decided that atlease before I quit the race, let me share my experience with this great forum, I think the restrictions is too much... Na Go I they soooo if someone non hold me.


  • oi
    oluchi i B
    Posted 3 years ago
    hello Osaro,
    first, thank you for indicating an interest to sell on konga and i must assure you its going to be a giant milestone in the growth of your business.
    secondly,im so sorry youve been having difficulties getting your items listed on your store.i would advise you to kindly check your rejected items for reasons why to make corrections.However,if you still have issues please do a mail to newseller@konga.com and a staff would be glad to put you through.
    once again thanks

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