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  • EB
    I beleive there should be fairness to everything we do here in Nigeria. I am very new seller on Konga bearly a month and already had 10 orders with 3 cancellation due to konga fault and I was like impress with 1st month performance and all of a sudden my store disappear and i was told they are doing YAKATA SALES which I am not qualify for and to make the mater worst it wont be live untill monday. What the hec!!!! (Thursday-Monday). WHAT A SALES!!!!!!!1!!
    Come on konga, I live in abroad and just have my store with you with few trusted staff running the store for me and here in abroad i have more than 5 store on ebay and today is black friday which i believe you are coping in yakata sales. Ebay does not force  My store to close because of black friday and infact I have had some sales this morning as i am writting this.
    It should be a free and fair platform for everybody to operate, we should have every right to say I want to participate in the sales or not, our right is not been respected at all, anyway what i talking about is Nigeria platform where anythings goes and to make matters worst it is somedays to Xmas where eveybody want to make sale for their store.
    Anyway I hope by Monday I wont be running after you to put my store back because your system is not  yet where it need to be. End of ranting.
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Eniola,
    We thank you for your feedback.One of the first criteria for the yakata participation was that merchants should have been active on our platform for a minimum of three months with a minimum shipment rate of 80%
    For the yakata sales, we needed to ensure the merchants selected can handle the high volume of orders due to the sales, hence the criteria of high shipment rates and good order track record selling on the Konga Mall.
    Please do not see this an unfair penalty, but as an opportunity to prepare for December sales. We encourage you to use this time to restock your inventory and discount these items you would like to put on sales as we still expect a high traffic on our website in the next couple of weeks due to the holidays. 
    We thank you for your kind understanding.

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