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  • The Results are in!!! Seller grading based on store performance.

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Kunle O Kunle O S
    Starting from this week, we will be sending you an email showing your grade. Just like secondary school, A1 is good and F9 is bad.  Right now, we are looking at the number of cancelled orders you have versus the number of total orders received since Jan 1st 2015, we have not counted any cancelled orders that were as a result of customers changing their minds.
    Cancelled orders cause us all a big headache.  It makes buyers less likely to purchase from anyone on the platform and brings us all down, so managing this is very important to the health of everyone selling on the Konga platform.
    Well done A1's (there are lots of you) keep it up, B's and C's not far to go, keep up the great work, D's - don't let it slip any further and F's - you need to take immediate steps to improve or your store may be suspended.
    If you feel you need help improving your grade - Please, just ask, we are here to help you!"
    Konga Mall Team.


  • Kunle O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    @adedotun, thanks for this feedback.  We will look into this.
  • as
    adedotun s B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello, i think we been graded with a very big Shackle on, the inability to pause a product, since the update i don't know if its general or just my store when i pause any product, within a hour i get a the email notification that the product has been accepted, this products are products which are that are currently out of stock within a week or two they will back in stock and ready for sales but the system keeps on accepting them and i continue to get order for this products.
    Have been sending the orders to Mall@konga.com for cancellation but am sure this cancellation are affecting my store health grade and Order delivery rate.. please look into this so i can get a A1 cause i hardly cancel orders on personal reasons.

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