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  • The Predicaments of Self-fufilling Sellers - A letter to Konga

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    Nkajima O S
    On Behalf of SeIlers outside of Lagos, I want to say am very grateful to Konga for giving us this opportunity - of the Self-fulling Order system - to be part of a Prestigious Online Mall like Konga.com. I was patiently waiting for a time like this, when sellers outside Lagos can participate in this growing community. It is still on the note of gratitude that I write this:
    We, sellers have been going through a lot with un-serious buyers and the high rate of returns due to this "Pay-on-Delivery" that we have no choice on. It's a major problem here... Most of them hear of Konga and just want to try out and see how it works. 
    Sellers like me, have our stores suspended because of these buyers.
    We have the 
    1) Local Market Oriented Buyers
    I am always reminded the experience I had with a Buyer in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State: 
    He was ordering my wristwatch for a friend...and when my wristwatch got to him, after a failed attempted delivery, I finally suggested to him to maybe get someone pick it up for him if he wouldn't be around. He then decided to let the girl pick it up. When the watch got to her, she rejected it, citing that the Delivery Agent should bring another one.. The man said he was dazed. 
    - This wristwatch was sent from PH to Ijebu-ode. 
    - I had paid N2500 for the shipping cost. 
    - The Wristwatch is a best-seller (every other buyer was pleased with it, and that was the last piece I had)
    It got me wondering, 
    - What do these people think online buying is?
    - Do they think it's a joke?
    And then, one of the staff at the Courier said they have a lot of experiences with this buyers. That Konga should make this buyers commit - at least pay half the price of products online - before goods are shipped to them...As that would definitely sieve out un-serious/experimental buyers....
    And I totally Agree! Buyers should pay half the price of products before the sellers ship out products.. That will sieve out the un-serious buyers.
    2) Wrong Mobile Number/Never-Answer-Calls Buyers
    Most times we get into situations where after excitedly accepting an order, we call to confirm, but lo and behold, the number is incorrect or switched off....or the Seller never picks up..Yes! Never! I accepted this order, called the buyer to confirm for two weeks, she never picked up! How is that the Seller's fault.
    *Now my store is suspended..
    3) Updated/Edited Products Failed to Update and Buyer Ordered an Unavailable Product
    I edited a Ring into a Jewelry Set today and it says "Product Updated". And as at tomorrow I get an order for the previous product a single ring.. And I don't want to sell the single ring, It's part of a set..i mean, that's why I updated it.. I can't fulfil that order.. I try to call the Help Centre to no avail.. And am like;
    - Why was it not updated (cos it shows the updated product in my shop?
    - Why would a buyer still see an edited product product that's no longer available?
    * How is that my fault, that my store would be suspended???
    4) The Buyer that Changes His/Her Mind and Refuses to Cancel
    We accept an order and call to confirm and the buyer seems ok with it. We finally decide to dispatch for shipping and we get a call from the buyer that he/she has changed his mind. She is travelling and doesn't wish to order the product anymore....sometimes, it's worse...we've already shipped.
    You ask them to cancel and they don't seem to know how.. Sometimes, we send photos and explanations of how to cancel...and they still NEVER cancel..
    * Is that my fault...for my store to be suspended?
    5) Limited Courier Companies that Offer "Pay on Delivery"
    I think we have in PH only :
    - CourierPlus: which one of their agents declared my product as "Rejected", when my customer has not even been contacted.. I called my customer to confirm why she rejected it...but Lo! She hasn't even gotten a call from them or even seen the agent.. Well, she later got the product..
    There was another situation where, the Delivery Agent advised my buyer to re-order, just because he couldn't go back there to deliver it a second time..
    - Tranex: Fast Delivery
    - UnionExpress: Very Co-ordinated
    N/B: Konga, can we have KExpress here please? 
    6) N1000 Limit for Setting Shipping Cost to any City
    These aforementioned Courier Companies charge from N1700 (Direct Delivery) to N2500 (Nationwide Delivery) per kg. So how do we reconcile this with the price of our Products..? Increase price to accomodate? That doesn't work with all products...
    N/B: Konga, Please if we are responsible for Shipping our Products...let us also be responsible for setting our shipping costs...
    We shall be Grateful if you look into these situations..
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    kelechi o S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I had a very annoying experience in PH last week. A lady ordered a shirt. I called to confirm the order and she asked me to send it. When the shirt arrived, I called to let her know and she refused to answer my calls nor sms. If she had made any financial commitments she would have been hounding me with calls as regards her order.
    Then I had this other experience with a customer who had prepaid for an order and asked for it to be shipped to Benin but had to go to Nsukka. She cancelled the order and directed the order. All this was because she had already paid for it! If she hadn't, she wouldn't have done it!
    Konga make customers make commitments then tighten your own end of the bargain! Your delivery remains poor quite frankly. I don't hear good things about your customer service who almost always give responses like they are not part of your company! Infact I long stopped calling them! Please do not delete my message because most of what we say here is the truth
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    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear all, 
    We appreciate all suggestions raised so far. 
    Please be informed that only posts that violate the forum guidelines are deleted. Thus we request your cooperation in sharing your concerns and feedback constructively without disrespecting other forum users as well as the company's representatives.
    We are aware of the issues that occur with the Cash on Delivery option and we have implemented several steps into reducing less serious purchases from the platform. Kindly read via ‚Äčhttp://community.konga.com/thread/introducing-the-customer-modeling-programme-to-encourage-serious-purchases
    E-Commerce in Nigeria is still at the tender stage and with the rise of fraudulent internet transactions prevalent in this side of the world, online shoppers are still building trust and "testing the grounds" and its stability. Also, major successful online companies across the world (Alibaba, Flipkart, Ebay, Amazon) offer POD in certain cities to its buyers to encourage more sales and only offer prepay to buyers outside some cities and countries. Konga currently emulates such strategy. 
    As E-commerce becomes a stable industry in Nigeria and as we introduce new services that will ensure only serious sales transactions are made to your store on Konga, Konga will offer Pay-On-Delivery option to buyers while putting measures in place to discourage less serious purchases. We also ask that you offer cash on delivery to your buyers. If however you have experienced lots of returns or less serious sales across some specific states, you can turn off delivery to such locations and focus on locations with higher successful deliveries. 
    Thank you
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    Atinuke S
    Posted 3 years ago
    You have said it all.....POD is the major problem here. If Nigerians are not ready to embrace e-Commerce then it should not even be an option. Nigerians shop online from abroad with ease of mind, or is it possible to reject an order from a US/UK courier. Here Nigerians will have to open items and inspect before paying, if this is the mindset of most buyers, eCommerce is not for them, they should go to the market and inspect what they want to buy. Yeah i know there is trust issues in Nigeria, but POD is not the answer, it is hurting most sellers. 
    I shared my own POD nightmare here and it was deleted. i sent an item to Port Harcourt, before sending i called the customer she said she wants it, only for the item to go to PH. She took picking my calls after i tracked the item to inform her the item was already in Port Harcourt, later she sent me a text message saying her husband refused to pay for the item, that her son has enough toys and they got a used one from someone. i was short of words. 
    KOnga we need this addressed ASAP!!!!!! Rather than deleting comments, put that effort into addressing these issues. WITHOUT YOUR SELLERS, THERE IS NO KONGA. YOU NEED YOUR SELLERS AS MUCH AS YOU NEED YOUR BUYERS.

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