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  • suspension of store please read!!!

    Payment Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • KU
    Kate U S
    My store has been suspended on konga because of non payment of invoice/commission. I tried repeatedly to make payments using 2 of my bank cards but on several occasions all attempted transactions where declined, these are cards that I regularly use to make purchases in stores from the US and UK without hitches. I raised several mails to konga@mall and I was told that online payments for commissions remains the only option for sellers to make payments for commission or money deducted from escrow. Now I don't have any money in my escrow as I have since dumped using Kex for any form of shipping due to reasons every ones who is a seller can testify to. 
    The issue now is if a seller or some sellers(i'll d want to assume here that I am not the only one facing this challenge) is finding it difficult using a particular portal for payment could there not be other routes such as bank deposits et al. 
    If I no longer have money in escrow from which commissions can be deducted and I can't seem to make online payments using any of my cards does that now mean my store will remain permanently suspended since I have run out of the only available option.
    In every business there are several options for payments (bank deposit/transfers, online credit card etc) for Konga to remain inflexible when it comes to issues of payment leaves much to be desired and makes one begin to wonder about the motives
    Konga kindly remember that there are alternatives, while I agree that it's your time right now, no business has the monopoly and there are times and seasons in every business.
    My point here is that you should kindly listen to the voices of your sellers, there are just too many complaints, Konga and sellers should be partners here. Your rules while relatively valid should not be too stringent.
    If after this an alternative is not created for me to make my commission payments as I have tried repeatedly online without success then I just have to think of a way to build my own Konga. 


  • IA
    Izien A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Kate,
    Apologies for this issue. Kindly send an email to ordercontinuity@konga.com and it would be rectified immediately. 
    Be rest assured that Konga has the interest of sellers at heart and no intentional acts will be carried out to frustrate your business. Kindly exercise patience as your issue is resolved. 

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