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  • Social Media Marketing 101- The Smart Digital Selling Guide

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    Dear Sellers,
    Gone are the days when an interested shopper would need to leave the comfort of their homes to shop for a product they need under the blazing heat of the sun. In today’s digital world, you can check out products online from underneath your bedroom duvet, see what other buyers are saying about products while making dinner for the family, and get to compare other products’ prices online before deciding to place a final order for such products. 
    And with the increasing demand that everyone and everything must get online, including the sale of cars, cement, “ewedu’ and “ugwu”, it is important that as a seller, you take maximum advantage of being able to sell to a wide range of active internet users across every age and customize your social media activities to attract new buyers, spark up sales interest among your existing social media friends and pull other page visitors to share your pages with other users.
    At Konga, we recognize the need for you to be technology and digital savvy to be truly successful in your online business and as a result, we are putting together a Social Media Marketing class for our merchants.
    What the Social Media class is about? 
    Social media is a proven efficient tool for communication among youths and adults of different ages and has shown to be an effective marketing tool for promoting your store brand. The success of your online business extends to your active presence on social media. And according to a renowned Fashion Consultant, Zuberu Kadiri who spoke in the recently concluded Konga Fashion Master-class, “I made my first N1, 000,000(One million naira) off my Facebook page where I got to advertise my products at no cost”. 
    You too can gain store traffic, attention while making lots of money through social media marketing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
    Topics That Will be Covered: 
    •	Setting up a Social Media Account
    •	Engaging your Potential Buyers on Social Media
    •	Attracting the Right Types of Buyers
    •	Social Media Best Practices (The do’s and don’ts of social media engagement.)
    Why You Should Attend Our Social Media Class:
    •	It is FREE!
    •	Social networking allows you to reach out to potential customers without spending exorbitant amounts of money on advertising while staying in touch with current customers. Our expert facilitator will tell you how.
    •	Social Media helps you to keep a tab on your potential customers, see what they are talking about while getting to know on time what they currently want and what they might be needing in the near future.
    To learn more about the effective Social Media tools that will translate to more business leads for you, we encourage you to participate in this class. 
    REGISTER FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA CLASS-  https://eventbrite.com/event/17563226082/
    NOTE- Limited Seats Available!
    Happy Selling!


  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello all,
    Please be informed ,personal information, email address, storename , bank details, order numbers are not allowed on the forum.
    Please find the forum's code of conduct below
    Thank you
  • DE
    David E S
    Posted 3 years ago
    This reminds me that The best Material on the above subject I have ever come across on the above subject matter is "Sales Digits" by Eugy Enoch. . .  Available all over the Internet. See for yourself
  • Adegboyega A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I will appreciate if we can get a video of the event.
  • cu
    chibuike u B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Social media like Facebook works for advertising what you sale. I spent just $2 for two days and i get 10 orders still counting within that 2 days. It works, you need to be there. It has been a tools for me to sale huge why i am seating in-front of my laptop browsing for huge business i will do or watching some great movies like michael jackson and the akara woman. 
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Bridget,
    A venue will be communicated to all Merchants who have indicated interest in this training. Please note, this event will not be recorded.
    For further information, kindly send an email to events@konga.com
  • B
    Bridget S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Konga,
    Just in case, we can't make it, will this be recorded like the Fashion one?
    Also, has the venue been decided upon yet?
    Please update

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