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  • Sizing guide no longer on Fashion product page

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • SA
    Solomon A S
    Don't know if this issue is peculiar to me. Recently, I have been getting a lot of shoe orders rejected/placed under arbitration due to wrong shoe sizing.  After careful investigation of the reason for the surge in returns, I found out that the product page no longer have the caption, "All sizes are UK sizes". For that reason, customers place orders assuming the sizes are US sizes and reject them when they get the UK equivalent.
    As sellers, are we now supposed to list our items in US sizes? The arbitration validation team response seems to favour the buyer's  in all occasions, making it look like it is the seller's fault. A good response would help sellers minimize rejection rates.


  • RE
    Ruth E S
    Posted 3 years ago
    I would recommend / suggest that the shoe size guide should be in Europe sizes as that is what is generally acceptable and understood by buyers. I however haven't had any returns due to sizing but have had buyers cancel orders due to poor understanding of the how the shoe sizing works. Thanks Addtoun for the advice on inclusion of the  shoe sizing guide in the description this should work.
  • AS
    Adetoun S B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I empathize with you. However, like Akorede said, size guide is the key. Konga recently approved that I can include a VALID size chart in my shoe listing (You may check with the mall team to see if this is okay for you to do as well). You basically save a screenshot of the size conversion chart applicable to that shoe you want to list and insert that picture INTO THE DESCRIPTION PAGE (Not as part of the pictures showing the shoe itself). So when buyer is reading the shoe description, they will see the size chart and confirm the right size to order. This is one step. Next step is to verbally confirm with them again when you call to confirm the order.....you still use the same size chart as reference. 
  • AO
    Akorede O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Honestly this isuue is getting over flogged.
    But ,dear merchants ,does it men's you guys don't confirm orders with customers before you ship out?
    I sell shoes but am not having this problem,what I do is,I call the customers to let them know this is the particular size they picked,and during the call I have my conversion chart with me,and immediately ,the customer confirm the size I will also ensure I tell him/her the size in Europe which most Nigerians are used to,and this has help me a lot because most customers don't know if our display size is u.s or u.k,but by the time you call them and let them know the EU conversion, they will tell you their right sizes.
    I implore you try this method and you will see your return rate on shoe will reduce.
    Attached is a shoe chart that help you.
    Hope this help.

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