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  • Shipping fees/Delivery

    Shipping and Delivery Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
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    Marilyn A S
    I got a mail from Kos that delievry was attempted on a particular order, so I called the customer to ask why she wasn't avaliable and she said "I got a call from a Konga dispatch that he would be at my office before 12pm and I waited for him until close of business and he didn't show up or call back". I apologised and told her delievry would be Attempted again on Monday. As I was about to drop the call she said "Konga isn't trying at all ooo, that why would she shop for Fashion items worth 11k and be charged 6k for shipping, that it's really really discouraging". Then it occurred to me that konga charges for shipping per store and not per kg/G. personally I feel that's one of the main reasons for high rate of returns. A customer cannot get all he/she needs from one store including konga. Customers are looking to shop for quality items at the best prices and if they get this from 6 different stores  why should they pay 6k for shipping. Shipping fees doesnt benefit the customers who want to shop for varieties of items and even if they do shop, the customer might end receiving the ones of top priority and rejecting the rest. I am relaying a message from a customer. Maybe konga should carry out a survey and ask customers what they think about the shipping fees also ask them reasons why they reject products. 
    Customer satisfaction should be 99.9%. 
    Buyer receives the product, Buyer is happy and satisfied, Money in the sellers pocket and commission in konga's Account,  Buyer comes back to shop and also tells his friends/family about his great shopping experience. That's the ultimate goal. 


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    kene i Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Marilyn,
    Thank you for posting and sharing your opinion/suggestions. Please do not hesistate to send in further suggestions via suggestions@konga.com
    Do have a pleasant day.

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