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  • Share your testimony, how konga has inspire you

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • UC
    Uffoh C S
    Season Greetings to all the amazing sellers in this platform. Can we share testimonies on how Konga has inspire us since we started selling on there marketplace?
    Me first!!!
    I looked back some years ago, before we start online businesses. Some of us that has stores/shop, struggles everyday trying to sale an item. Some people will come and negotiate on products and yet most of them won't buy anything from you. You will be struggling to sale something so that you will be able to take care of some domestic things, like family, schools, etc.
    Today, things has changed. Right now, from your comfort zone, you post items online, Someone will look at it, without disturbing and bargaining the price with you, Place an order and it will be deliver to the person and you get your account accredited. 
    Yes, we all know there are challenges but yet, we still moving FORWARD...
    From Konga. we are able to have branches all over Nigeria, For instance, i have never sold any item to anyone in Lagos but in Northern side, Ogun, Rivers state etc. I feel like am all over Nigeria making people to enjoy their life without queuing at the shopping mall or to visit a store to buy things. Is really amazing... 
    These are the things i thought about and drop of tears will run down from my eye...
    Sorry to say this, I sale on konga but, not to make lot of money, i sale to make people see the beauty of what the technology has done for our generation.
    You can share a great testimony and get people inspire to learn from you
    NOTE: Am not a moderator, am a seller like everyone else in this platform

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