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  • Shall we continue with delivery men jeopardizing our effort?

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • AO
    Akorede O S
    Since I have joined Konga,the issue of delivery has been daily case and up till now,no checks has been put in place.
    Many merchant has raised issue that a direct channel should be provided for merchants and customers to report unfaithful cases,so that if investigation is done and the delivery personnel is found guilty ,he should be penalise for others to learn,but Konga team sees no reason to implement this in kexpress operations.
    Sales on Konga now is worrisome and the little ones coming are been return with clear indication of lackadaisical attitude of delivery personnel's.
    Two critical issues happen at two different states,umaihia and Niger,and that is why I put this up for we seller to request a right,the autonomy of Konga not listening to us is disheartening and heart breaking.
    An order was marked rejected by customer and to my surprise,the buyer was someone I called regularly everyday ,immediately I received return noticed,I called the customer to know why he reject the order,but he was so surprised that how can he reject an order he his longing to have,I called customer care immediately and I spoke with Stella,and she gave me assurance that the order will be delivered today,to my surprise as at 3pm today,I called the customer to know if they have delivered, but I was surprised  when the customer said the they called him to come and pick up,so why do we have to put customers to this stress????
    At Niger,an order has been said to be attempted delivery without calling the customer,how long shall we ask that delivery personnel should always call buyers before they go out for delivery?now the order is marked as rejected by customer ,I called the customer to know why she rejected the order,but behold,the buyer said nobody has contacted her,that she only have the number of the delivery man during her last order,and she called she is coming to pick it up right away,but I was surprise to see order has left Niger,which means this order won't be given to the buyer even though I know the order will not be leaving Niger till tomorrow!
    How long shall we continue with this????
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  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear all,
    While we encourage you to share your complaints and experience- positive or negative over the forum, please be informed that the forum is not a complaint channel and complaints and issues shared via this platform will not be prioritized. 
    Complaints received through the forum will be redirected to the appropriate unit and a response will be provided within 24hours-48hours. We however implore that you exercise patience and await a response within the stipulated resolution time of 24-48hours from mall@konga.com as all hands are usually on deck towards providing swift resolution to both our sellers and our buyers.  
    In addition, posts that have been deleted were taken down as a result of violating the rules and conduct of the forum through such posts. Posts that share personal information such as email addresses, order numbers, bank account details SHQ personal information, and disrespect for other forum users and the company in general belong in this category.
    As we strive to resolve all outstanding issues, we sincerely apologize for all negative experiences you may have experienced so far. We are aware of these problems and we assure you all hands are on deck towards providing lasting solutions. And as we perfect our processes and services, we implore that your criticisms and feedback remain constructive, devoid of abuse to other parties and the company and also ensure suggestions and proffered solutions are sustainable towards the betterment of Konga as a company and as a brand.
    Thank you.
  • HK
    Henri K B
    Posted 3 years ago
    @Akorede O, so sorry about what you are experiencing at the hands of the delivery men. I also had same issue sometime last year around the month of August/September, mine was Port Harcourt, my case was so bad that the item was even misplaced and it took months(sometime around February) before the money for that item was paid to me by Konga(they misplaced the package so they had to pay for it). Unfortunately we are at their mercy. I do understand that it is not easy for them to run the kind of business which they run, but what makes it so bad is that they are not willing to listen to the advice from sellers, they believe because they have employed educated top level staffs then it means does staffs know it all, it is a lie, they require the advice of people on the streets, people who know what is happening in the grass roots, that is the nature of Nigerian marketplace now, it is not by being educated only, you must also be schooled in the ways of the street.
    I have said my own, next thing they will close this thread, them no dey like hear truth.

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