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  • Service Level Agreements for Order Acceptance and Shipping

    Selling on Konga Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • AY
    Adeola Y Konga Moderator
    Hello all,
    As our partner on Konga Mall, we share a common goal: customer satisfaction. So we have put some rules and guidelines in place to ensure that your customers are always satisfied with your quality of service, and receive their orders on time.
    Below are a couple of guidelines to adhere to:
    Ensure All New Orders Are Accepted Within 24 Business Hours - This means if an order is placed during the week to your store , you have 24 hours to accept the order. If the order is placed during the weekend starting from Friday, you will have 24 business hours from the following Monday at 8AM to accept. After 24 hours, the Accept button will be disabled.
    Ensure All Accepted Orders Are Shipped Within 48 Business Hours - This means after accepting an order,  you have 48 hours to ship. If you accept a new order during the weekend, you will have 48 business hours from the following Monday to ship. After 48 hours, the Ship button will be disabled.
    NOTE - All new orders NOT accepted within 24 hours, and all accepted orders NOT shipped within 48 hours will be automatically cancelled. High cancellation rates of orders from your store will negatively impact your store ratings on the Konga Mall.
    Reminder: Our contact information has changed! Dial 01-4605555 or 08094605555 and press “2” to speak with a Seller Support Representative. You can also email us at mall@konga.com.

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