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    General Discussion Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • OB
    Omolara B S
    It's very obvious to me that Konga is ill-equiped to cater for the ever increasing merchant base. you do not want to have any issues with your store, transaction, customer, KOS related issues, any issue at all! Konga will let you know that they aren't in business because of you. 
    I have a ton of issues unresolved as I type. I have called multiple times, sent mails and reminders. And the issues remain unresolved. There by making me feel Konga is out of control!
    Customer has my items, infact customer must have since forgotten about this transaction and Konga is yet to pay me because there was a partial return on the order. Customer kept some items and returned some. 
    One of my items got lost in transit and was told that I would only get paid when insurance claim has been made and paid by the insurance company. how long that will take, i have no idea.
    Items that have been delivered to customer yet KOS has refused to update to delivered. 7 days return policy has way elapsed from such items. When they finally decide to credit my escrow, i will have to wait for an unjustified 7 days to get access to my funds. Seem they pretend not to know that these funds are working capital and needs to be recycled. Time is money. Such delays are not profitable at all.
    It still takes way too to receive returned items back.
    When I read through comments on this forum, I see it's a way of doing business in Konga. Hence the reason for no visible improvement despite tons of complaint from merchant. if you have time try and read comments and complaints from 1 or 2 years back you would see that they are similar complaints to the issues we are still having now and today. How do you interpret that?
    To top it up, I need to pay monthly subscription for poor services on konga platform. Going into partnership has to be mutually beneficial in all sense of it. For this reason I have put my store on vacation mode. If there's any positive change, i will consider coming back. 
    I will ensure i collect all that is due to me before I finally bow out. Happy new year folks!


  • uc
    uju c B
    Posted 2 years ago
    @Omolara, you have said it all. I'm tired of calling and emailing without any positive response. 
    My conclusion: Konga is in business solely for it's own purpose.
    You incur more losses than gain doing business on Konga.
  • OB
    Omolara B S
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Omolara,
    I have sent a mail as you have suggested.
  • OA
    Oluwaseyi A S
    Posted 2 years ago
    That's how I have been waiting for a framed art print to be returned or reimbursed since early 2015. With all my extra packing, the customer received the work broken. Despite the bubble wrapping, carton encasing and 'FRAGILE' affixing.
     After filling forms, answering all sorts of queries as to how I packed it, and getting a reassurance that the customer has asked for it and will pay nonetheless (?), that's how N6k worth of product just assumed vapor state.
    The issue was just swept under the carpet as a new konga platform was rolled out, thus the SKU of the said product just disappeared from my dispute page. However, I still have the issue filed in case it comes up one day.
    Just too bad Konga. Do something about this.
  • IO
    Ify O S
    Posted 2 years ago
    You have said it all Omolara. Konga platform is really turning to a joke. Not only that improvements are not being made, there has been a continuous decline in service quality both to merchants and buyers alike. It will be good for the moderator to provide us with a list of improvements made on Konga platform in the last two years and try to compare those with other existing platforms we know. I am struggling to remain a merchant here!
  • OO
    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago
    Hello Omolara,
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, be rest assured that we are currently working on all issues you have previously escalated. However, please forward all affected order numbers to sellerservices@konga.com to enable us monitor appropriately. 

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