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  • Self-fulfilling is the best thing konga have initiated

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    Abraham M B
    Just about 12 midnight to Monday being 20th of April when I logged into my SHQ, I noticed that the new platform have been launched. I was happy of the sound of that and total full control of my account. I saw about 5 orders which are lagos and  I delivered 4 of the orders same day. Collecting my cash immediately was so exciting so I decided to deliver about 5 yesterday. The experience have been fantastic. You know when you make your customer happy when the see their item immediately. I must confess that self-fulfilling your orders make you get full control of your store. For now I have decided to use k express for all other outside lagos till after the 45 days before charges. I will deliver all my item in lagos even if is at ota or down ikorodu..…lol…

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