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  • Self Fulfill is Now Live!

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    Hi there,
    Finally the wait is over! Self-Fulfil has gone live and now, you will have more control over your online store and can make your own choices with regards to shipping, locations served, and payment options accepted.
    ​As we welcome you to this new world of self-fulfil and appreciate your patience shown in the past few days while we put all finishing touches ​to​ give you a quality trading experience, we have made some​ changes to the SellerHQ portal​. Once you log in to your SHQ: 
    ​1​​) ​Review your ​S​hipping ​R​ates, Product Weights, Locations and Pay on Delivery ​O​ffering​-​ Login to your SellerHQ portal to review the pre-set delivery rates, locations you ship to, and your Pay on Delivery settings. We​ ha​ve put in some defaults, so please feel free to modify them to fit your preferences, as they impact what your customers can see or do. 
    ​​Action Required: Confirm that the weights of your products (in kg) that are live on site are accurate as this will impact shipping costs. Also ensure you review and adjust your shipping rates where necessary as these are the rates your buyers would see when placing an order from your store.
    ​2) View your store and products on Konga.com. These selected shipping rates will be applied to all products on your store. 
    ​3) ​View other changes to your SellerHQ. We've also made some cool changes to your SellerHQ portal to improve your overall trading experience.​
    As usual, continue to:
    1) Accept New Orders Within 24 Business Hours: Unaccepted orders will be canceled.
    2) Ship Accepted Orders Within 48 Business Hours: Buyers will be able to cancel late orders. 
    3) Monitor your Cancellation Rates: Cancellation of 3 out of your last 20 orders will result in the suspension of your store, and 2 successful cancellations of orders containing the same item will attract an immediate disabling of that particular item.​

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