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  • Running a Successful Online Store Isn’t As Difficult as It Looks...

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    teju F Konga Moderator
    Dear Sellers,
    We  have shared some few points you need to master in order to keep those orders coming at all times. Do add more points we may have left out to help other sellers benefit from your knowledge and experience:
    KNOW YOUR BUYERS- As a seller, you are required to make some research when it comes to online selling. Konga Mall caters to a nationwide market hence the type of buyers that purchase from online stores will slightly differ from buyers that visit physical stores. Konga Marketplace caters to buyers  that love fashion, gadgets, electronics, food and want to find unique products at very affordable prices. Have you got what it takes to keep them coming to your store? 
    INVEST IN GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY- Your product photos are really important to the look and feel of the Marketplace and this is what sets us apart from others. Your products can be shot in a ‘real life’ way – inside or outside, but always in natural surroundings and ambiance. That way, your buyers have an exact idea of how your products will look like in their own homes when they make the purchase. Your product photos should reflect your store brand and the clarity and beauty of what you have for sale. Online buyers are drawn to visuals and you can close that deal with an awesome image of your products.
    KEEP YOUR PRODUCTS NEW & FRESH-  If you have lots of products to list for sale, try not to list them all at once. Phase your old stock out gradually and introduce new products every week. If you have products that are not moving as fast and has stayed rather long “on the shelf”, consider offering some discount to attract buyers. That way, your returning customers will always look forward to coming to your store as they are assured of newer products regularly. The newer the products you have on the marketplace, the more likely you are to make a sale. 
    ALWAYS REMEMBER GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE BUILDS BUSINESS-  Once the orders start pouring in, remember that the ‘Customer is King’ especially on Konga Marketplace. Keep your buyers up to date on the status of their order and remember to package it perfectly – maybe even include a little incentive if you really want to make an impression in the minds of your buyers.  Feedback is also important in building your business brand, so always endeavor to request for feedback from your buyer once order has been confirmed delivered. You can also include some incentives in an order package as this will increase the chances of your buyer happily rating your service. And with the new Search Priority Service that ensures high performing sellers are rewarded through the visibility of their products on search pages, good customer service is the way to go to gather more sales on Konga Mall.
    GO SOCIAL- It’s no longer news that social media has taken over the world. Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are great avenues for you to reach out to your buyers, offer deals and promotions and stay all up in their faces through constant update of products you have for sale. Instagram and Pinterest are also great avenues  for you to show what you have to offer through images, engage with your existing customers as well as a finding newer audience and gaining referral traffic back to your Konga Marketplace store.
    While it may seem too cumbersome, it is important that in a highly competitive marketplace, you remain visible and keep seeking out new ways to achieve more visibility and more online power. Even if the orders don't flood in instantly, give yourself time to improve your products, the product images and description and promote your store across every social you have access to use and you will always reap the benefits. 
    Happy Selling!


  • Eniola A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Ose Teju!

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