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  • Remove Sellers' Contact plssssssssss!

    General Discussion Created 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago
  • ko
    kenny o B
    Good day konga, this is to appreciate the effort of konga placing a commitment measure from buyers by the prepaid method that was introduced lately, it really a fantastic idea that boosts the moral of Sellers and reduce number of unserious buyers on the platform. Thanks for that. 
    But, it have come to our concern that ever since the display of sellers' contact direct on the platform, the sales rate have rapidly dropped. Most buyers now go online to retrieve seller's contact and send message ‎just for the fun of it. Many will negotiate and that would be the end. For the past few months this display of sellers' contact have in place, our store sales records and others we know have been wooful. Sometimes just one sale in a whole month, sometimes non at all even during yakata. We sell on other platforms and can see the difference. And as a matter of fact, we also know this method is not healthy for the platform or profitable to konga herself. 
    Our suggestion is konga removes all sellers' contact from the platform, continue with the prepaid method and watch for improvement in the year 2018, after which more method to boost sales on the platform can be considered.
    ‎We hope this suggestion would be regarded because we know it will help to revive the health of the platform. 
    Thank you, 

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