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  • Quick Tips for Boosting Sales

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
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    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Dear Sellers,
    To increase sales and grow your customer base, attention needs to be paid to some key areas which include:  
    •	Product Disparity 
    •	Product Description
    Product Disparity:
    In E-commerce, we deal strictly on WYSIWYG basis i.e. What You See Is What You Get. This also means that you have to deliver exactly what was listed on the site in terms of color, pattern, design, model, etc. It is your responsibility as the Seller to meet up with the end of the bargain. In cases where there is a slight difference in information, ensure you state it clearly in the Description.
    Make sure you deliver what was initially displayed with no discrepancies as complaints, as this will have an adverse effect on customers’ trust.
    Improved Product Description: 
    A scanty, generic or not-too-detailed description of an item may not only leave customers having little or no idea about the features of the product, but also may result in the customer's inability to use this item to its utmost functionality as they may not have had enough information to allow them do so. Therefore endeavor to give an appropriate detailed description so as to aid customers have better understanding on the full details of product considered for purchase and how it will be used.
    Examples of complaints from customers:
    Color Disparity : “Product ordered for was black, but product delivered was gold. why now? You guys should try to be better with what you do.. I ordered for something and I got another thing.. That is called SCAM!!! for real.. I am disappointed” 
    Weight Disparity: “how do I order a single-tub 7kg machine and you send me a dual-tub 5kg machine? I am beyond  angry.” 
    Insufficient Description: “Description of product not adequate. Seller does not inform buyers whether or not it comes with batteries, it does not. Only after its delivered you are told batteries will be needed.” 
    How To Improve?
    •	Be sure about the quantity of items available at the time of listing
    •	Deliver exactly what the customer ordered for
    •	Put a call through to customers before delivery and reach an agreement to avoid negative reviews (when the color or brand requested for is unavailable).
    •	Follow up by checking on how much customer enjoyed the item 
    Overall, you should avoid any form of disparity whatsoever, simply deliver exactly what was on site for sale. By doing so you:
    •	Reduce return rate
    •	Reduce cancelation rate
    •	Increase your sales once other customers see the positive feedback on your product’s page.
    •	Foster customer loyalty and trust which could give rise to recommendation
    REMEMBER: “Customers sit on the throne “, all customer recommendation based on reviews and word of mouth can either boost your business or ruin it. Konga Mall has zero tolerance for defaulting merchants.

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