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  • Problem of shoe sizing

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • TO
    Tochukwu O B
    Hello my fellow konga sellers. Jst joined this group today so let me see if we cn make these little changes from this channel.
    I sell shoes on konga, 95% of the orders I get are wrong sizes... to reduce the issue of goin to deliver a shoe and having it returned to me again, I call the customers b4 delivering. Does konga know that people are not very familiar with UK sizes?! People are more used to Euro sizes then U.S before U.K... Most times when u ask someone their size, they tell you 42 or 43 (EU sizes) if at all they giv u another sizing, its US, ppl don't really know UK sizes. Most times I put up a shoe of size 9 UK which is 11US and someone orders it thinking its size 9US. Its frustruating especially for ppl like me that don't buy a lot of the same shoe to keep in stock-so I can't swap it for the right size... As ppl are placing wrong orders so also are the right sized ppl passing by the shoe thinking its not their size...... I've called konga to complain about this but the customer care agent insinuated "it cannot be changed just because of me" but I'm sure there are other shoe sellers out there experiencing the same issue. Pls let's speak up and see if we cn change or enhance the sizing. I know there's a size chart hidden somewhere but ppl don't use it, what if the size chart is open so they just hav to see it without clicking? That would be better.. Or konga changes their sizing to EU sizing...or we get to see both Euro, US, and UK sizes all at once. Secondly konga's size chart does not get to big sizes... Incase you dint know, shoes run upto size 16US for ladies...that's 14UK so for stores that sell big sized shoes like Prinziah big feet, how do the customers with big feet convert their sizes easily if they manage to see the hidden size chart? Also, in the general shoe size filter why are there no bigger sizes for ppl with big feet to find their size easily...like I said ladies shoes get up to size 16US or 14UK. 
    I hope sth is done about this. Thanks for this platform


  • DA
    Dorcas A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    You are so on point Tochukwu, you are not alone. I have seen other sellers too complaining about this issue. I have had so many order i couldnt ship because of this sizing thing.
    Even if you ask a fish seller their shoe size they will give you their shoe size in EU sizing.
    I have sent series of email to konga and even on this thread as well that there are so many issues with this sizing thing.
     I also saw another thread saying the same thing about EU sizing as well.
    Even children sizes as well, we have infant size 4 and a biger kids size 4, how will customer be able to differentiate if the size 4 i listed is for a 24 month old or a 9 years old, the most painful part of it is that konga sell all this things too and they buy it from somewhere, if their sellers does not signify which sizes it is how will konga know what to buy.
    Example of the sizes display by manufactures are:
    Toddler 5
    Toddler 6
    Toddler 7
    Toddler 8
    Toddler 9
    Toddler 10
    Little Kid 11
    Little Kid 12
    Little Kid 13
    Little Kid 1
    Little Kid 2
    Big Kid 3
    Big Kid 4
    They also added size chart with it to help customers made the right choice:
    Size	           Inches   	Centimeters
    Toddler 4	4.5"	     11.43
    Toddler 5	4.75"	12.07
    Toddler 6	5.12"   	13
    Toddler 7 	5.5"	      14
    Toddler 8	5.75"	14.6
    Toddler 9	6.12"	      15.54
    Toddler 10	6.5"	    16.54
    Little Kid 11	6.75"	17.15
    Little Kid 12	7.12"	    18.08
    Little Kid 13	7.5"	     19.08
    Little Kid 1	7.75"	19.69
    Little Kid 2	8.12"	      20.62
    Big Kid 3	      8.5"	   21.62
    Big Kid 4	    8.75"	  22.22
    Another children shoe company sizing.
    These are USA children shoes company listing.
    This is a new year, konga should do something to all this.

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