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  • Problem in crediting my account

    Support Created 1 month ago | Updated 1 week ago
  • oO
    ochayi O B
    I don't understand why the Mone paid into my wallet as a result of return item as not been credited to my bank account. Is more than 3 days now since I withdraw it from my wallet


  • JI
    Joseph I B
    Posted 1 week ago
    There seem to be a very poor response rate when it comes to payout of Konga Merchants after successful sales. Meanwhile, when there is an issue Konga doessn't waste time with the merchant, and it id very discouraging.
    I have an issue that I complained about years ago, and till date Kong refused to resolve the issue. I shipped an item by self fulfill and the item got to the customer who refused to accept the item meanwhile, I was charged with the invoice for that item even though the customer rejected the item and I spent huge sums shipping and returning it, since I live in Enugu and the customer lived in Benin.
    Yet, Konga charged me the normal percentage as if it were a successful sale, and the most annoying part was that I sent several mails to Konga support and staff all the while the transaction was in progress, yet I was charged invoice for a failed transaction.
    Now, I shipped an order by self fulfill, got the payment, paid it back to Konga account and this is almost two weeks later and I am yet to get any response from Konga how to get the money to my account with all the mails I have sent.
    In all sincerity Konga's attitude to remital and merchant treatment is frustrating.
  • OS
    Olatomide S B
    Posted 1 month ago
    The email address is not working. I have the same problem. Why does it take very long to credit ones account after requesting payout?
  • AU
    Anne U Konga Moderator
    Posted 1 month ago
    Hello Ochayi, we apologise for any inconvenience you must have experienced. To help us understand your request better, and for a quick resolution, kindly send an email to mall@konga.com.

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