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  • Port Harcourt Sellers Are Asking....When???

    Selling on Konga Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • JO
    Joseph O S
    Dear Konga Mall Team.
    Thank you very much for the huge transformation you have brought to commerce in Nigeria.
    We know PH is a reasonable chunk of Konga and my humble self and not less than 10 other sellers who have registered and waiting for the appropriate time to join the train of sellers on your platform. It appears there is no definite plan communicated as of date.
    We know Konga has done it for sellers in Lagos and the stories ate very very encouraging. Aba is a huge nigerian made products and its just 40mins drive away from port harcourt which means a very strong made for nigerians in nigeria marketing proposition for the konga brand. 
    This market is already big offline as most big PHC store buy from Aba ... its easy to know that taking it online will be very promising. We want to be part of it and our only worry is .... when?
    A loyal fan and intending partner
    Joseph Onuorah
    For: Mexiloyd Nigeria Limited
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