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    General Discussion Created 9 months ago | Updated 9 months ago
  • GE
    Gonat E S
    Please I want to how to subscribe for monthly planned on konga


  • ki
    kene i Konga Moderator
    Posted 9 months ago
    Dear Gonat,
    You can subscribe for your monthly plan using either Kongapay or SHQ wallet. 
    See steps on how to make subscription payments through your SHQ wallet below:
    Step 1: Visit your SHQ dashboard
    Step 2: Click “profile”
    Step 3: Click “ Subscription”
    Step 4:  Select type of goods (Physical or digital)
    Step 5: Select your preferred plan
    Step 6: Select your subscription period
    Step 7: Select “SHQ wallet” 
    Please see steps on how to make subscription payment using KongaPay below;
    Step 1: Login to your store on SHQ
    Step 2: Click on the profile
    Step 3: Select subscription
    Step 4: Select between digital services or physical goods
    Step 5: Select a plan (silver, gold etc)
    Step 6: Select the number of months (1 month, 3 months, 6months or 1 year)
    Step 7: Click on “proceeds”
    Step 8: Select a payment option (debit card, shq wallet, kongapay)

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