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  • Payment on Delivery

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • NC
    Ndamka C S
    My Concern is with the K.Mall where we are forced to comply with  payment on delivery even without acess to pick up zones by K.Express in our areas of operation. We operate in Port Harcourt and as i have been made aware, there are no pick up points for konga in port harcourt. No other courier service carry out this POD. It greatly limits the effectiveness and the acess to nation wide outreach of the platform for those of us outside of Lagos. Perhaps Konga is indeed a Lagos thing and only for lagos business. 
    Basically we as Sellers should choose our methods of payment. if not there is no reason for any business operating outside lagos to be on this platform. 
    I think the new Konga Mall is an absolute game changer as it has finally brought about the transparency we the seller seek to become more responsive n dynamic in reaction to the respective market..
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Ndamaka,
    W​hile we understand your concerns regarding Pay-On-Delivery​,​ 46% of online buyers will cancel their orders if cash on delivery is not involved. Also, 55% of abandoned online shopping carts are abandoned because there are no cash on delivery options for buyers to choose from. ​Trust is still a major issue for online sales in Nigeria and as an online retailer and seller, we must be willing to meet our buyers half way as they are the reason we are open for business. ​If you ​however ​cannot deliver to a place via Pay on Delivery and do not trust the efficiency of K-Express, we advise that you turn off deliveries for that region altogether so you can self fulfil and collect your cash yourself. Pay-On-Delivery service encourages and drives e-commerce nationwide. And based on feedback and sales performance received from buyers since the launch of Self-Fulfil, it is quite glaring that Nigerian buyers still prefer POD, and the absence of this option discourages them from shopping online. Therefore, you are required as a seller ​on Konga ​to offer POD across all Nigerian states. If you do not wish to offer POD in some cities and states, you have the option of removing that city/state from your Delivery Settings.
    ​In addition, we are still in talks with several shipping carriers to offer cash on delivery to sellers ​to enable you ship orders with ease.​ You can ​contact Courierplus​ and​ Quo ​as they currently offer POD to selected sellers. You can also walk into any shipping carrier of choice and engage in active discussion towards negotiating ways they can offer cash on delivery to your buyers. 

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