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    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • HI
    My Escrow Account was credited three days ago, how long will it take before i can request for payout?


  • ki
    kene i Konga Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago
    @Ihimi- Thank you for moderating, your effort is very much appreciated.
    @Hassan- In addition to Ihimi's response, which is almost accurate. Please note that the transfer period from escrow into kongaPay or wallet is dependent on your return policy. ( this could be zero return policy) in which case the money is transferred in 3days or (7 days return policy) the money is transferred in 7 days.
  • IC
    Ihimi C B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Hassan!
    If your store is registered with the KongaPay platform, your cash will be automatically paid in to your bank account 3 days after the cash was credited into your escrow.
    If your store isn't registered with the KongaPay platform, your cash will be credited into your Wallet.  You can then request for a PayOut from your Wallet. It takes about 3 days.  (i.e Request on Monday, Payment on Wednesday. Request on Wednesday, payment on Friday.... it might be paid faster though)
    NB: Am just a Konga Seller and hope you find my shared experience above useful. 
    Konga Moderators should please feel free to moderate my post. 
    Happy Sales to you Hassan! 

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