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  • Pay on Delivery Option Still Showing On Products

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • OL
    Oluwatosin L S
    Hello, I just updated my delivery rates and i have opted not to offer pay on delivery on my products. However, i notice that the pay on delivery option is still available on products in my store. Kindly rectify


  • EA
    Ettah A B
    Posted 4 years ago
    I have the same issue as oluwatosin. I have set my options to pre-paid and on my storefront, it is still showing' payment on delivery available for this product'.
  • CJ
    Chidozie J S
    Posted 4 years ago
    please since we decide shipping rates why don't konga allow us decide which particular products to offer free delivery or pay on delivery. take for instance i sell an item for 1000naira. i can decide if you buy up to 3 i would offer free delivery .  some products we want to offer free delivery on because of the price and some other factors.  but we have to have default condition for all products. also you want to offer pay on delivery on some products while some you want to offer pre-paid. i still feel this new HQ is a bit restricting  
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello Oluwatosin, Thank you for bringing this to our notice, This will be looked into and rectified.

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