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  • Paused Items Showing on Front end

    Technical Issues Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • OA
    Odunola A S
    I paused 4 items in my store for some weeks now but i got an order on one of the paused items. When i checked the store, i discovered they were all displaying i.e all paused items (i noticed it last night). I checked the seller's account and they are still paused but displays at the front end. Konga, technical unit should urgently rectify this. I tried calling the buyer to cancel the order but the network says "The number you are trying to call does not exist" . I have some items live and some paused, please all paused items should remain paused. I have sent a mail to mall@konga.com 


  • MO
    Michael O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    I am really tired of this issue. I have sent nothing less than 5 mails in respect to this issue. My thinking is that this will be treated as a critical issue as it makes managing our customers complicated. A particular customer has to start educating me of how things should be done, as a matter of fact that call took about 30 minutes because I had to patiently listen to her based on her customer-type. A few minutes, I just got an order for a shoe that is sold out. Some of my intending buyers send me messages informing me that they could not order certain items that are actually in stock. I don't understand if there is a bug somewhere that hides live items and makes sold out or paused items available. If i resolve to cancellation, the BIG HAMMER of suspension and fine is waiting to kick in and when I call someone is going to read out scripts to me narrating the suspension process. Each time some kind of development is to take place, something just goes wrong with the Seller HQ. Shouldn't developments be carried out in a test environment and several User acceptance Test conducted over a few test stores? if this is happening then why do we have to experience issues each time a development is taking place. It is like most times when building the selling experience to a crescendo, the whole effort so far get crashed with all these. As business men/women we have budgets for stock, staff, running expenses. As sales improves, we put in more resources to make sure that service delivery to our buyers is not compromised. One cannot even rely on sales forecast and profit forecast o be used in expanding the business. I don't want to talk about orders that never got to the customers or customer contacted for via Kexpress but were updated to 'rejected by customer'. I will leave that for another day. Please stop this sold out and paused items from going LIVE.
  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Odunola,
    Your query will be looked into by the appropriate units. Thank You

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