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  • oj
    oke j S
     Today, I received some orders, with identical products on it, to same name and phone number. I called the buyer immediately to know what happened. The buyer told me it was a mistake that he wanted to add a third order thats why he made another new order so he won't pay for delivery twice. He asked me to cancel the first one, of which i can't because konga has warned me that i have only one strike remaining before suspension.
    Now i have 3 other orders that I'm not accepting because konga decided to be selling all my products for N1,000 (products of N8,500 & N9,500) though they've rectified the price but the orders still remain.
    Please!!! Konga moderators what do you advice i do to these orders?
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Oke,  You can send the order numbers to mall@konga.com requesting the orders be cancelled, Also state the reason for cancellation.

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