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  • Now I see.why people are eager to be self fulfilled.

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • AO
    Akorede O S
    Konga Team,
        I realy appreciateyour.effort so far on ecommerce ,but it disgusting to experience delayed in delivery.If shipping with lagos can take 5days not to have been delivered ,it defunately mean it will take forever to get to bornu in maidugiri.
    Buyers now call me with threat of i don't need your product again even after the customer can see that i have shipped out his n order just after 2hrs she placed order ,infact i had to plead to the husband as a man to man to help me beg his wife.i have order going to ph,zamfara,benin,calabar,lagos shipped to kexpress since monday,till today.,am even surprise when of the buyers told me he tracked he got to see that the package is still in lagos.
    I won't hide this also from you,and  think that is why kaymu is not making good prifitt.some merchant might have known this and keep quiet but i will expose this mean because i want moreprogress and recognition for online selling in Nigeria,because it will let us trust ourselves the more and n this,our image will be rebuild.
     here is it.......don't you think you will boycott yourself  of some profit in this selfulfill?now a buyer wants my product,and contacted ,i can ask the customer to pay directly to my account,dn't let me deceieve you,many clients now know that konga sellers have been verified and they are ready to do business with anyone they found through konga.i don't want you to lose,and that is why i have to say this.its just unfortunate  can't add photos here ,i would ve shown to you what a prospect that turns to client invjust 3mins.did .she said she send s money to sellers now directly to boycott konga 3weeks of shipping,i was surprised if someone have never known,could credit my acct in 3mins of conversation,in that trasaction do you gain?NO,but remeber the person got confidencen me through ypur platform
    This does not mean you should start blackmailing seller in e sight of buyers by sellndng warning message of fraud warnng t them,but to look and improve your tight air n the aspect of selfful.
    am sorry for any typographical error.


  • tF
    teju F Konga Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago
    Hello Korede,
    We understand your frustrations with having your buyers experience late delivery and we apologize for this delay. This may be subject to various logistics reasons. For deliveries that may exceed the communicated 5-7 working days, please ensure your buyers are aware that deliveries may take 5 business days in Lagos and 5-7 business days outside Lagos but does not include public holidays and weekends. 
    With the anticipated launch of Self-Fulfil, you will be in total control and can decide when to ship your orders to your buyers and even consider charging a token for express shipping for buyers that require immediate delivery. 
    We also appreciate all raised questions/suggestions regarding Self-Fulfil. While we understand your concerns, be rest assured that Konga will be putting in place concrete measures to protect both the company, its buyers and its sellers  to ensure the Konga Mall remains a fair, sustainable and trusted platform for all its sales transactions. 
    As we approach the launch of Self-Fulfil, we will continually update and provide answers to all questions regarding the self shipping service. 
  • Abioye Festus Adekunle A B
    Posted 4 years ago
    Korede, I felt your pain in this regards. It is true many issues are left unattended to, despite complaints to konga. 

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