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  • Now I have zero returns with self fulfillment

    General Discussion Created 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago
  • JW
    Jide W S
    Its a bit tricky to ship a high value order out of Lagos and expect it to be PoD but I currently use Ekesons Parcel Service at Jibowu, Yaba and they deliver all over Nigeria. Its a bit costly so I factor in shipping cost into product price and they deliver to Kaduna in 4days.
    I also try to get the trust of the buyers by adding them on whatsapp and BBM and once we keep communicating, it makes them more comfortable to make payment before I even ship. i also leverage on the trust that Konga has already built with its customers.
    This way, you have zero returns (except your product has a defect), more sales (since you already have a relationship with your buyers), no issues of konga not paying you early enough and the whole selling experience just feels better than when we had to queue at k.express and still wait endlessly for mone to be moved from escrow to wallet.


  • OF
    Ovegho F S
    Posted 4 years ago
    This is good news. I believe Konga should do something about the PoD thing when listing products for sale. The PoD seems to be the default option with no option for self-fulfillment ordering. I believe Konga is losing money on shipment as well on this PoD thing as buyers can just for no reason decide to reject the product they already ordered for at free-will. It's bad!
    My suggestion is that, since Konga had build reputation for transparency and honest business dealings over time, can't Konga just jettison this idea of PoD and insist that buyers pay for the products and shipping cost before shipment to them, and put the money in Escrow for the sellers pending when the goods are received by the buyers?
    This POD is actually affecting sellers' confidence in the market place. We all import our products and  pay before shipment can be done by the sellers after the portals have confirmed receipt of payments on behalf of the sellers. 
    I think this is the right time to move on with eCommerce business in Nigeria as many sites have come on board of recent.
    Please Konga, kindly do something before some very unserious buyers throw us out of business.
    Thank you.
  • EF
    EZE F S
    Posted 4 years ago
    Works for me too. A buyer ordered my stuff using POD i told him his location was bit far after explaining to him, the buyer without asking questions wired the money to my bank acct and then i sent him his package via DHL. 

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