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  • New SHQ, Free shipping for selected items, Free shipping for Paid items

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Agwuncha C Agwuncha C B
    The new SHQ idea is a great one, I wish these suggestion would be included;
    1) Giving customers the benefit of free shipping when they pay before delivery; this eliminates the chances of returned items.
    2) Giving customers the benefit of free shipping when they buy items more than a certain amount e.g if they buy items over 15,000, they can get a free shipping.
       Don't know if these are already in place, but if not, it would be great to work on them.
    Lastly, if a customer buys 4 different items from 4 different sellers, how would the sellers get paid for their shipments? 


  • Eniola A B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Nice ideas @Agwuncha. I will also like add that Konga should help add to the new SHQ a way where by both seller and buyer can also negotiate price and the seller can adjust the final price on the order page to reflect the new price he/she has agreed with the buyer just as we do on Aliexpress and other world known e-commerce sites. basicly add to the SHQ an opportunity to negotiate with buyers on the platform and not by mails or calls only.
    I hope my point is understood.

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